We work to bring in incredible people with tremendous potential, we train them, we give them experience and we coach them to make them extremely versatile and able to hit the ground running at your company.


Individuals in this program have an incredible opportunity to gain the key skills, experience, and knowledge needed to be successful. By having the opportunity to work with top talent, you can accelerate your transition to a new career. The traditional gap of experience can be bridged by learning the key hands-on skills, approaches and strategies for success from top experts in the industry volunteering their time to teach and mentor. We work to place top candidates with leading corporate partners in this program to fill key job roles and help establish a career pathway.


Corporate partners in this program have an amazing opportunity to support this very important mission of gender diversity, women in technology and STEAM education in very impactful way. By opening the door to candidates in the program, corporate partners are helping to make a difference in many lives and supporting diversity and inclusion in their organizations. Additionally, they are saving thousands in recruiting, hiring and training costs. It’s like hiring an individual and getting a team of experts. The resources in this program bring an incredible level of motivation, passion and a fundamental desire to drive results and success. Some of the recently positions staffed through this program include business analysts, IT Support, Project Coordinator, Staff Scheduler, Customer Success and more.


Fill out our contact form to get started. One of our coaches will reach out to discuss the opportunities you have, budget, scope and timeline. We then send great candidates to hit the ground running, it’s that simple. The investments you make in this program are100% tax deductible and go towards supporting this important work.

As a corporate sponsor of this program you will have the opportunity to contract with one of our training affiliates in order to find the right match. Once the individual is brought on, together we will continually work with them to achieve success . It's like hiring a team of people for the cost of an individual. Our goal is to help them master the skills necessary to becoming an invaluable asset to your organization.

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